Are Your Employees Working After Hours?

Does your company allow employees to work onsite after hours?  If so, there are policies and actions you consider concerning safety and security.

Forms of Risk

The first thing that needs to be considered when constructing policies is the environment of the workplace. There are certain types of jobs that present greater risk over others. This can refer to jobs that involve heavy lifting or manual labor, chemical or laboratory use, etc.

Although not as high of a risk, office jobs should also be taken into consideration when forming after-hour workplace policies. From small incidents like cutting a finger opening an envelope or more dangerous situations like tripping down the stairs, accidents in the office do happen.

Another area of concern is the physical location of the office. If the office is either high value (on-site cash, technology, jewelry, etc) or if the office is located in an unsafe area, safety procedures should also be specified.

Safety Policies and Procedures


There are no laws that require supervisors to be onsite when employees are working, therefore it is up to each company to make its own policies. Depending on the type and level of risk your company may fall under, there are various forms of rules you can implement to ensure your employees stay safe.

For lower risk occupations, having a security guard or an on-call security contact in case of emergency is an option. You can also put additional timekeeping practices by placing strict time restrictions on when employees are allowed to be working on site. This will also allow you to document all hours when employees are working to make sure they are following the policies in place.

Implementing a buddy system so two employees are always working together is a good way to ensure that, if an emergency occurs, there is someone to immediately respond and call for help. For higher risk operations, it may be necessary to take that one step further and require a supervisor to be onsite at all times an employee is working.

It is important to remember, accidents are unavoidable. However, the possibility can be lowered by taking the proper safety precautions and making sure your employees are informed and follow the policies in place.

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