Emergency Payroll Procedures - Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is coming and end of the month pay day is two days away, are you prepared?  Follow the below steps and ask the following questions if you are in the area expecting to feel the worst of the coming storm, or if you will be processing special payrolls in preparation for Hurricane Sandy.

Inform an Alternate Locations

Do you have an alternate location away from the affected East coast area where payroll processing steps could be run? Or can you call someone there and walk them through steps to get payroll completed? Remember you may be without power and phone service!

Gather Bank Information

Do you know what your bank’s continuity plan is in case they have no power and can’t receive/process your direct deposit file? Banks will accept your file if you need to send it earlier than normal.

Process Payroll Early

Do you need to gather estimates of worked time from supervisors so that you can process payroll earlier than normal? You may need to make adjustments to the next regular payroll after the storm threat is past.

Back Up Payroll Data

And most importantly, make a back up of your Payroll data and secure it in a safe location. If possible, take the server with you if evacuating the building.

Whether you are being affected by Sandy or not, it is important to always be prepared in case of emergency. Make sure you know the proper steps that need to be taken in case of emergency. You need to have a plan to follow because we all know that nature does not!

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