Email Etiquette - Proper Business Communication

Although often over-looked, it is important for all members of HR to not only ensure they use proper email etiquette, but also consistently remind their employees of correct messaging tactics. A good time to go over company email policies is during the initial training of a new employee so he/she corresponds correctly from the first day of employment.

Since email plays a large part in our business communications, we need to understand this is not an excuse to become lazy. In this series, we will go over general email protocol which we hope will assist you in training your employees.

Don’t forget what needs to be included in an email, what is appropriate, what is inappropriate, and when we should resort to other options.  This is the first of a 4 part series on email etiquette.

We will begin this article with the basic standards for all emails.  Below is what should be considered in all email correspondence:

  • Begin with a courteous greeting such as Dear or Mr. x, etc.
  • Ensure you’ve spelled the contact’s name correctly!
  • Subject lines should be clear, concise and explanatory regarding the message being sent
  • Remember to use proper grammar
  • Spell words correctly
  • As a precaution, run grammar and spell check, but also proofread your typing
  • Use complete sentences for clarity of the information being provided
  • Reread all emails prior to sending for all of the above and to ensure the tone of your email is accurate
  • End the email with an appropriate closing, such as “Thank You” or “Sincerely”

For more info on professional email communications, check out Part 2, The Danger of Reply All, of our Email Etiquette series for information on email options such as CC, BCC and Reply All. To learn more about Optimum’s in house HR Software and how it can streamline your day-to-day processing, fill out the form to the right and watch our free demo today!

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