Invest in Training New Employees

Training employees is often considered a wasted expense when, on the contrary, it should be looked at as an investment in an asset. Time and effort have already been spent on hiring a good employee, now use the training process as an opportunity to develop them into a great employee.  Taking the time to educate an employee early will help lead to a happy and lucrative long term employee.

The below advice will help you effectively train new employees.

Prepare for the Employee’s First Day

Actually, the above header should also include, “Prepare Before the Employee’s First Day.” Meaning, be accessible for any and all questions the employee may have prior to their first day at the office, an early dialogue will help the employee feel more at ease on when they arrive on the first day.

When the first day does come along, ensure their work space is clean and ready for their use. A work space filled with old documents and folders can make an employee feel awkward and unwelcome. This is the employee’s first impression of the company, make it a good one.

Assign An Employee Mentor

Although not always possible, employee mentors should be appointed with the expectation of creating a lasting relationship. Choose a mentor who has worked in the same position, or a similar one. They should be the new employee’s go to person for all questions relating to the position and the company. A mentor who has been in the same position and worked their way up will give the new hire something to work towards.

The mentor should especially be available as a resource for the new employee during their first week. Introductions to other employees and a company tour are good ways to start. This allows them to see different departments and start to understand the company’s organizational layout. This also presents a good opportunity to introduce them to other employees who may be helpful resources in the future.

Immediately Assign Responsibility

During the first week, assign a form of responsibility to the new employee, immediately make them feel like they are an asset to the company. The automatic expectation builds trust and begins the development of communication between you and the new employee. 

You can offer suggestions on how to complete these tasks effectively and efficiently. Also, do not be apprehensive about giving encouragement and praise to new employees, enthusiasm is usually extremely appreciated and increases an employees confidence.

Continuous Training

Training should not be specific to new hires. An on going training process allows all employees to maintain skill levels and motivates them to continue to grow. Training should be done on all levels of an organization, including managers.

Don’t forget - Before you train employees, you have to hire them - learn how to write detailed job descriptions and how to effectively interview to attract great employees to your company.

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