E-Verify Is Cleaning House

E-Verify does their spring cleaning a little early!  Effective January 1, 2016 (and every January 1 from now on), E-Verify transaction records that are more than 10 years old will be deleted from the E-Verify system, and employers will not be able to access those historical records.

If you would like to snag a copy of those old records before E-Verify clears the cobwebs, they have created a new Historic Records Report just for you.  You can run the Historic Records Report for your employer account any time before December 31, 2015, and it will include all transaction records that are more than 10 years old. 

When you log into your employer E-Verify account, you will see instructions to download the Historic Records Report, but only until December 31, 2015.  Each year, the Historic Records Report will be made available for download prior to E-Verify’s January 1 clean up procedure, and employers will be notified every year when it is available.  This process has been put in place as E-Verify complies with the National Archives and Records Administration’s Retention and Disposal Schedule.

TIP:  When your new hires complete Form I-9 and you create a case for that employee with E-Verify, write the E-Verify case number on your Form I-9.  Then when you get your Historic Records Report for the corresponding Form I-9, it will be simple to match them up and file them together.

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Human Resources Director Jay Fleecs, Norfolk Iron & Metal Co.

[Optimum's] proactive approach allowed Norfolk Iron to send the 1095-C forms to all employees at the same time we sent the W-2s, where other payroll vendors and companies were still wondering how to comply with this process.