Don’t Sign That If. . .

Payroll Professionals wear many hats and are often moved into their positions without any formal training and little direction about laws and regulations. Keep these few things in mind before signing your name on that dotted line.


Taking Over a New Position?

Management comes to your office one day and informs you that you are moving into payroll. You will now be responsible for paying employees, signing their checks, making the tax deposits, filing all tax returns and signing those forms and they all have to be correct.

With little direction using what the previous person did to complete the forms and get the information out the door, you try to dot all "I’s" and cross all "T’s" before signing on the dotted line. Unfortunately, you missed a tax deposit or miscalculated the tax. Guess who the governing agency will call and hold responsible? That's right...the name on the dotted line.

Who Needs To Sign

The person who signs these types of forms should be an owner or executive of the company that understands what is at stake and can handle the responsibility for any mishaps.

To avoid being put in this situation, read the instructions on all forms that require a signature very carefully and point out to upper management that the fine print indicates they should sign the form.

As they say...BEWARE, the devil is in the details.

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