WATCH: Document Your Processes & Procedures

It's just payroll..........what's the worst that could happen?
Plenty, if you're not prepared.
What if something drastic happened to your key payroll personnel? Do you want to risk paying employees late? Or incorrectly? Incurring tax penalties and interest?
Find out in this 30 minute webinar what should motivate you to document your procedures, what your options might be in case of an unforeseen disaster, what some of your risks might be, and how you can be prepared with documented procedures to get you through any emergency situation.

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Payroll Specialist Anne Bartels, Norquist Salvage Corporation, Inc. (NSC)

Leaving our old system can’t come soon enough for me (and the entire team here!!) No comparison to the 2 systems – all I can say is…Optimum makes me (us) smile.