Do We Need Code Words?

You know that last line in every job description that says you are responsible for “other tasks and duties as deemed necessary by management”?  Well maybe that does not hold as much importance as it once did.  Simply because management asks for something may no longer be a good enough reason for employees just to do it.

Fraud, being the lucrative business that it is today, has led to the invention of countless schemes aimed at coercing confidential information right out of the hands of unsuspecting Payroll and HR folks.  Identity thieves now pose as your own company executives and send you emails that appear to come from within your own organization.  These emails will ask for confidential employee information like social security numbers, wage information, and even copies of W2s. 

Who are you to refuse to comply with the requests of your upper management?  Well, that’s just what the crooks are counting on. 

For more information on how you can stay safe in today’s vicious security scene, visit the IRS’ site on preventing identity theft.  Also, you might want to set up a code word for messages you share with your boss.

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