Could It Be Listed Under Any Other Name?

How many times have you heard that one? Since most last names are easily misunderstood, especially over the phone, here is a tip on how to avoid this question when a person decides to change their last name when getting hitched.

It’s critical for newly married folks to make sure that changed names get changed with banks, Social Security, all those people they owe/pay, and also those people who owe/pay money to them, too…especially their employer! 

As payroll and HR professionals, when you hear that an employee is getting married, your gift to them can be the contact information for the SSA so you can make sure you don’t get a mismatch letter when you file their W-2 at year end, and they can make sure their FICA deposits are always made to the correct account.

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IT Director Rob Taggart, ODTL

This software is easily integrated with our other applications, for they have an awesome programming team who can make customization easily. Most companies do not allow or offer this level of flexibility.