Choose the Right HRIS Software for Managing the Employee Life Cycle

Choosing the right software can make managing the employee life cycle productive for the human resources manager and a rewarding experience for the employee.  From the time a job requisition is created till the employee leaves the organization the right Human Resources software will assist in each phase of the life cycle.

Recruiting (applicant tracking) software allows a job opening to be posted on the internet where potential candidates will apply for the position.  Applicant information is compared and measured against the position requirements using sophisticated algorithms.  Top ranking applicants can be tracked through the interview process.  Once the decision to hire an applicant is made the information can be automatically transferred to the payroll and human resources software.

Now that the right person for the job has been hired, Payroll (PR) and human resources (HR/HRIS/HRMS) software takes over to perform repetitive processes.  HR managers will spend less time on administrative tasks and spend more time focusing on the organization’s strategic objectives.

Time and Attendance software ensures actuate monitoring of hours worked and eliminates time theft by employees.  Absenteeism tracking of repeated patterns is quickly identifiable.  Additionally the process of paying employees is more accurate and performed in a timely manner.

Employee Self Service software will enrich the employee’s experience with the organization.  Quick hassle-free access to their personal and historic information is a rewarding experience and also frees the HR manager from having to answer routine requests.

Inevitably employees leave the organization by termination, resignation, or retirement.  HRIS systems with COBRA administration software will help manage the billing and collection of payments for health insurance.

Working with your HRIS software provider will ensure that you get the most productive experience from your HRIS system.  Your vendor has a team of experts who will reconfirm that you have chosen the right HRIS software company for the job.

Mike Hayes- VP Software Development

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