OCSE Updates Child Support Withholding Order Form

The Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) has released an updated Withholding Child Support Order Form. The form is used for tribal, instrastate and interstate cases for the child support program which collects around 70% of payments are paid through withholding. Employers may already accept the new forms being issued by states, but previous forms may be used as late as July 31, 2015 to allow for programming changes.  The new OCSE form expires on July 31, 2017.

Changes to the form include:

  • New hyperlinks directing users to the current OCSE websites.
  • Terminology has been standardized throughout the form. For example, you will see “remittance ID” in all instances now, instead of multiple terms referring to the same item.
  • Larger fonts and additional lines have been used for state-specific information which resulted in the addition of one page to the Income Withholding Order.
  • In the non-employee withholding limits section, the Remittance Information Section on page 2 now directs employers to Supplemental Information on page 3 for withholding limits for non-employees. This information can also be found on the State Income Withholding Contacts and Program Information chart on the OCSE web page.
  • Headers on all pages of the order form have been standardized so that they all contain the same information, including
    • Employer name and Federal ID Number
    • Employee name and Social Security Number
    • Child Support Agency Case ID
    • Order ID
  • Withholding limits on tribal orders have been deemed by OCSE to be governed by tribal law
  • Clear instructions are included to explain that one Income Withholding Order form should be issued for each IV-D case as defined in 45 CFR 305-1.

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