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Even though there will be a revised Form W-4 released in 2020, it will not be mandatory that  employees fill out a new one unless they change their withholding amounts after 2019.  According to the IRS, the new withholding methods should be closely in line with what employees have been accustomed to on prior Forms W-4.

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Today's alternative workforce of part timers, contractors and freelancers is making an explosive impact on the modern economy. Check out this short 30-minute webinar about payroll and HR in a gig economy. 

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According to the IRS, the new draft of Form W-4 that they scrapped last September is being replaced with a new new draft which should be released by May 31, 2019. Get the details here. 

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Although it may be an uncomfortable topic, being prepared to handle a deceased employee's wages and taxes will make the potential situation less complicated while keeping you in compliance with federal and state laws. 

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On April 26, the IRS announced that individuals with family coverage under a high-deductible health plan, $6900 will continue to be the maximum deductible Health Savings Account contribution for 2018. Get the details here. 

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Let us introduce you to some popular mobile apps that can make your payroll/HR life easier! Track expenses, keep notes, calculate time and pay – you’ll be amazed at what you can do on your mobile devices! You can even share many of these with your employees so they can help you keep better records. Watch the webinar here. 

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