Benefits of Direct Deposit

Although direct deposit has become a widely used payroll solution, questions regarding the payment option still arise. If there is a direct deposit debate in your office, the following advantages will help you eliminate questions and concerns on both the employer and employee side.

More Convenient Deposits

Using direct deposit, employees always know the exact day their paycheck will show up in their account. There will never be a question as to whether a check will arrive on time or when the bank will process the transaction. In fact, direct deposit eliminates the need to stop at the bank to deposit paychecks altogether.  This means if no special arrangements to get your check if you are sick or on vacation.

More Monetary Control

Direct deposit eliminates all worry that a check may be lost, stolen or misplaced, as it goes directly into employees’ bank accounts - its called direct deposit for a reason! Not a single person touch any checks before they are deposited. Additionally, employees also have the option of how much money will go into which bank accounts for each pay period.

More Security and Reliability

Imagine if there is a natural disaster in your city or even the city where your checks are processed. How are you going to get paid? You many not be able to get your paycheck for days, or even weeks. Direct deposit eliminates all of these circumstances by automatically transferring your money into your account, whether or not the mail service is running.

Paycards: Another Payment Option

An additional, and still reliable, option to direct deposit are Paycards. These are particularly beneficial for the unbanked population. If a disaster does occur, you will have still have access to your money through an ATM.

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