21st Century Child Support Means Electronic Income Withholding Order

While practically the whole business world has gone paperless, the Office of Child Support Enforcement has been dedicated for many years to perfecting their contribution toward this effort.  The result of their hard work is the e-IWO, and now all states (except SC) offer electronic Income Withholding Orders.  Employers can now receive the Income Withholding Order electronically as a PDF file instead of a mailed piece of paper.  The employer can also electronically confirm that they have received the orders, report terminations and lump sum payments.

Employers who will be processing huge numbers of e-IWOs will want to set up a system-to-system process that will involve some programming, but smaller employers can easily take advantage of the No Programming option.  This option requires a port set up (similar to setting up a phone), and then you can begin receiving e-IWOs.

For more information, visit www.acf.hhs.gov, or contact Bill Stuart from the Office of Child Support Enforcement.  The e-IWO system is fully functional now (except in SC), so everyone is encouraged to opt-in to save time and money, and make this part of payroll easier.

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