A prenote is a test transaction used by a banking institution to make sure the account information provided is valid before processing a live transfer. Prenoting is not typically required by most banks, however, there are perks that should be considered!  

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Gross Up is a calculation method used to pay employees an increased gross amount that includes taxes, in order to arrive at a promised or agreed-upon net. There are some tricky situations that can arise with gross up calculations, and payroll professionals should know how to handle them all. Watch this free 30-minute webinar on gross up calculation. 

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Whether you are for or against legalizing marijuana, it is here to stay in one form or another and other states will soon follow the popular legalization trend. Read more about the impact this could have on your company here. 

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I have been very pleased with Optimum. I mainly work with the payroll section of Optimum and have found it to be easy to generate the payrolls. When I have had problems, the support team has been extremely helpful.